How to get a temporary credit card number?

How to get a temporary credit card number?

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What is a Temporary Credit Card?

You must load money on your temporary credit card and once this is done, you can use the card immediately. Temporary credit cards are bought at most large box stores like Walmart, Target, and grocery outlets and are considered disposable once the amount on the card is used up. These cards are slightly different than the virtual credit cards provided by your bank.

The funds on a virtual card are good for as long as you deem them such as 30-days to 90-days to expiration. Your permanent card arrives via standard mail in about seven days or sooner. Your name is on the front of the card. You cannot use this temporary care overseas.

How To Get a Temporary Credit Card?

When you need a credit card short-term a temporary credit card is the way to go. These temporary credit cards are available for every type or level of credit. These temporary cards, even transfer balances to earn you some rewards.

Many leading lending institutions offer a credit service that issues virtual credit card numbers that work as a temporary credit card. The one stipulation is that you need to already have a permament credit card at that lending institution.

Temporary credit card numbers are nearly impossible to hack or steal when you shop online. One of the downsides to this card is that if you need to return an online purchase it may be difficult.

Lending institutions such as those listed above send out monthly statements that include your temporary number and the transaction amount. This information makes it easier to track your purchases.

A temporary credit card is recommended for use in online purchases because they add more security. All you have to do is call your bank where you have a permanent credit card and ask for an activation of this temporary service. You set the spending and expiration limits on this card.

Temporary Credit Cards Versus Virtual

A temporary credit card or the virtual card has a disposable number with limited use. This card is associated with your main credit card account and has just enough money on it to make your impending online purchase from any retail store. This virtual or temporary credit card is considered as a zero interest loan and is paid off in 30-90 days.

It is getting increasingly risky to share your permanent credit card number over the phone or internet. Many consumers are concerned about the security of giving out their credit card numbers for purchases at the risk of having their account compromised.

By setting limits on a temporary card less damage is done if the card number becomes compromised. However, security is higher on these cards because,

  • It is only a temporary credit card that has a disposable number
  • There is a spending limit
  • This is for one-time use only
  • The card expires after a short time as set by the ban

Temporary Credit Cards Versus Virtual

The lending institutions and stores who offer temporary credit cards may or may not still offer virtual credit cards as this concept has been offered for well over 15 years.

  • Bank of America
  • Citibank
  • Capital One
  • Net Spend
  • Chase
  • American Express offers Amex
  • Wells Fargo
  • Walmart
  • Paypal

Once your bank approves your temporary card they give you a disposable card number, an expiration date, and a CVC code. You can use this card for your online purchase. This purchase charges to your main credit card account and shows up on your statement.

How a Virtual Credit Card Works?

Returning a purchase needs to go back on your virtual card which in turn returns the amount to your main credit card. You must make a return while your virtual card is active. The return will not work after the card expiration date. You must make sure that the retailer puts the amount of your return onto your main credit card. In-store returns may be a bit tricky as the retailer may ask to see your card and this could make returns complicated.

If you use your virtual card for a store pickup sometimes the retailer wants to verify your card and this could be complicated as you have no physical card to show them.

You may not recognize your card number when your statement arrives for you to review. This complicates matters if you chose to track your purchases.

You may experience that you can make purchases after the expiration date on your virtual card. Reports on information for virtual cards say that there is only one lending institution that has had this problem and that is the Bank of America. You must make sure that automatic payments in the future do not charge to your virtual card due it the card's short-term expiration date.

You need to ask your credit card lender if they offer virtual or temporary credit cards as some retailers continue to do this while others have eliminated this service.

You may find that virtual cards are important and useful if you want to tighten the security on your permanent credit card. Virtual credit cards help to control your spending because they are not issued for any funds above what you stipulate.

The Best Card for Businesses

There are at least ten listed credit cards that are the best for any large or small business. The best business card is the Ink Business Unlimited Credit Card seems to be the most popular and leading business credit card. This card offers a big cash sign-up bonus in addition to an unlimited 1.5 percent cash back perk. The signup bonus earns $500 cashback with unlimited cash back rewards on every purchase. There is no annual fee and a zero percent introductory offer for twelve months.

In Conclusion

It is your responsibility to keep your card safe. Ask your lender if they offer virtual credit card numbers along with your permanent credit card for online purchases.

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